It started as an experiment... this little, small, fun challenge between friends to make a healthy, crunchy snack. And, well, we were successful.

It was this happy little accident. A puffy, crispy chip thing made from yuca, mushrooms and onions.

People loved the taste. They loved the flavor. Bars and grocers wanted it as a snack. Friends were asking for it. it was getting out of hand. We had something bigger. We had a real, crunchy chip that people loved.


We had a Snacklin. 

We won’t promise that Snacklins will change your life. And it’s not going to give you wings or X-ray vision. 

But it’s full of flavor. It’s made from real stuff. And it’s only 80 calories.


So, you can Eat the Whole Bag!®

At Snacklins, we like knowing we make a snack that makes those little mundane moments in life a little more flavorful. And those flavorful moments absolutely guilt-free. We hope your snack time is better for it!

Chief Snack Bagger/Co-Founder


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